Germany – October 14-16, 2011

As for our coming to Germany for this weekend of meetings, it goes back to the beginning of the year when the Spirit of the Lord gave us the urgency that a meeting should be set up in Germany. We have become very aware that the prince of darkness that is over this land has not wanted the kingdom message to prosper here and has worked much divisiveness among those who have attempted to lay hold of this truth. But we began to work with a sister and her husband and with the favor of God, all the details were arranged and were set in place for this particular weekend to be held in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, not very far from Bonn.

German Meeting Room
German Meeting Room

Rita and I flew from the US on Tuesday, October 11 along with five other US brethren and arrived in Prague the following morning. We were taken to Tursko and ensconced into a place of comfort where we could recover from our jet lag. By Friday morning we were ready to leave, along with two young Czech families. We made a four car caravan and made the journey on high speed autobahns in about 8 hours. Along with the German brethren attending, we were also joined by a sister from Switzerland and a Nigerian brother who flew in from London. So we were truly an international gathering. The Czech brethren and their children stayed with the Doerge’s and most of the rest of us “foreigners” were taken to a pension near to Meckenheim where we were to spend the next two nights, about a 20 minute drive from Ahrweiler.

It was a blessing to be able to gather for prayer each morning before the meetings at the home of Hartmut and Hannelore. We came to consider these meetings as a new beginning – a beachhead in spiritual terms. We also saw this as a crossroads of choosing which way one will go in a valley of decision. We are so thankful for the much prayer support that kept the life supply of the Spirit flowing for us. Even so we recognize that the enemy of our souls is against this kind of gathering and will surely try to destroy what has been accomplished in the lives of those who heard and received the life that flowed freely here.

Chijoke & Rebecca Interpreting
Chijoke & Rebecca Interpreting

Translation was freely given by Mathias and Rebecca who came with their three young sons. Praise and worship was led by Oliver and Kristyna from the Prague area with piano accompaniment by Rebecca. We have heard report that the preaching of the word was considered a rich blessing. From the news that we are hearing in the world, we are never sure that we will be able to continue to travel freely for another year, to continue to preach the end-time gospel of the kingdom. But let us say at this time that we believe we must return again to Germany for follow-up meetings. More invitations went out to German brethren than responded at this time, but the meetings were recorded and will be sent out to many. In addition the audio recordings of these meetings will be posted on the web sites for the entire world to see. We believe we are in the days of the last invitation to the wedding feast of the King’s son (Matthew 22). I would expect to see more and more coming in to the feast (which is ongoing at this time) from the highways and byways. Let me finish with the words of Sister Hannelore:

To stay on the mountain, to meet Moses and Elijah and then to continue in this position must be the highlight in the life of every Christian man or woman. But God does not allow us to build our tabernacles up there but HE expects that we go back down into the valley to accomplish the work HE has given to us, efficient and constant as HE told us to do.

The ‘Principles of the Kingdom,’ ‘Bind the Strongman,’ ‘Possess the Land’ up to ‘Body Life’ and ‘The Heart’: these are all themes we have heard so many times in our life and like the little pupils in their first class learn their ABCs in pictures, so has the same pupil in the mature class to use even this ABC to write his disquisition about something to reach the university-entrance diploma. Who has had the courage and the patience to reach this point; this one was able to see how the living love of our Lord Jesus Christ brings everything out of the deepest darkness. To come to know how the Word become flesh and to walk in it, was the greatest I experienced until now. It is otiose to tell details, because it is in the eyes of the observer and his standpoint. But I wish with all my heart that everybody could get the chance only one time in his life to sense how the rivers of living waters came out of his belly to give resurrection. This man would never be able to go back into his normal life without an everlasting hunger for ‘give me more of Christ.’

The king invited many for the wedding of his son; (it says in Matthew 22) and each one of them who was bidden to the wedding gave an excuse. But the king heard thereof and he was wroth: and he sent his armies, and destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city. (Verse 7) The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy. So he said: ‘Go ye therefore into the highways and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage.’ And they gathered together good and evil also and the wedding was furnished with guests.

It was the third and the last invitation of the king. At the first night we have been eight German attendees, the second night we had ten and there have been brethren from USA, Czech, Philippines/Switzerland, and Nigeria, who have been there in the hour of birth and we will go on until the plan of God is achieved.

I will never forget the refulgence in the face of my older brother and his relaxed and upright walk when we said ‘Good bye’ and I’ll keep it in my heart until we see each other again.

Again our thanks to each of you,

Mark and Rita Jantzi with Burt and Nancy Asbill, Jim and Joanne Cassell, George Herrig, Chijoke Nwauche, Martin and Kristyna Kluson, Oliver and Linda Capcik.

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