Czech Conference – October 2011

I believe there will be others who will write their impressions of the Czech Conference but let me tell it from our perspective. The conference was held this year in a new place, the Hotel Arnika in the village Spindleruv Mlyn, a place in the mountains about a two hour drive north of Prague not far from the Polish border. The main business of such resorts is accommodating tourists (mostly Germans) in the warmer season and skiers in the winter time. It seems that October is a good time to catch a better rate somewhat between the two main seasons. There are walking trails in the vicinity of the hotel if one is prepared to do a bit of uphill climbing.

Czech Conference Praise October 2011Saturday was mostly a travel day and the meetings fully began on Sunday morning, October 23. Brother Burt led the speaking with a passage from Haggai 1 (“consider your ways”) and was followed by Chijoke, “Dwelling in ceiled houses.” Other keynote speakers included Barak Asbill, Martin Kluson, and myself. The spirit of Jezebel/Ahab was identified, as well as the modern day worship of Baal. The devil’s spirit of the “beast” is on the rise and has been invading and deceiving the souls of men; this is really where Satan wants to rule. A call for repentance/deliverance was made early in the week at the time of the evening meeting and there was much good response. Of particular interest was a word that Burt shared of a visitation the Lord gave him while in Sierra Leone in which he saw the war strategy room of hell and how Satan uses his minions to carry out his business on the earth. If I were to summarize the general theme of what God is saying to us at this time it is this: the “bomination of desolation” is now in the holy place and we need to prepare to flee into the most holy place, into the secret place of the most high, under the shadow of the Almighty. The day of great tribulation is almost upon us. Crucial decisions are being made. Some are choosing the old house, returning to the outer court; others are preparing to flee to higher ground.

Czech Conference October 2011This was truly an international conference. It was made up of not only the numerous young and growing Czech families (what a joy it is to see the young children actively participating in the prayer and praise time), about 8 couples from the US, and visitors from England, Switzerland, Nigeria, and Hungary. Three separate Czech fellowships were represented, the main group located in the Prague area. We have invitations to visit and minister at the other two Moravia fellowships the next time we visit the Czech Republic. Thank you all again for your love and prayers. The audio recording is available on the Patmos web site at (please note that you have to sign up to the site in order to be able to access the audio files).

Mark and Rita Jantzi

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