Ministry – Missions Update January 17, 2023

Missions: It has been awhile since we have sent out any information about what has been happening insofar as our mission work is concerned. I am of course only referring to that which we have been involved in. Our main involvement has been in the Mindanao Island of the Philippines. The covid 19 pandemic essentially shut down all mission travel for the past 2 years. George Herrig and I returned home on almost the last flight to depart Manila in January 2020. The lockdowns also essentially shut down our school in Butuan. So, we closed it down, legally. Brother Alan, the Guidance Counselor, however, continued to minister to the parents and students and now they are an active fellowship. We have continued to support the four established ministries in addition to two of the Bible School students who now have families and have also started ministries in the northern regions of the island. Having extra funds, we have invested in the lives of certain desperately needy individuals: restoring storm damaged “houses,” restoring some very poor teeth and a few such “health” issues. These are all faithful participants of these fellowships.

All of this funding from donations continues under the name of Adirondack Christian Ministries (ACM), a tax exempt organization. ACM has also been registered with Delta Airlines as able to participate in their Sky Bonus program. That means that anytime you fly with Delta, if you send me your ticket number, we can get some points under the Sky Bonus program, even up to a year after your flight. This will not in any way diminish or take away from your own sky miles that you accrue on your own account. In the past we have been able to provide several tickets for mission travel, none that I have used personally.

We have also been giving support to a family in Belmopan, Belize. This is one of the brethren that we have ministered to in our past visits there. This brother has started a small meeting in a village about 20 miles from the city and is teaching the kingdom message. When God opens a door for travel there again, some of us would like to go again to support and encourage this ministry.

Endtime Kingdom Website: We continue to add messages and teachings to the website. Every Sunday morning at 9 AM we hold a zoom meeting very much like our former in-person fellowship meetings. We are having a good regular attendance from a number of countries and states. It seems that this ministry has been to the scattered saints who want the sonship message. God directed the sale of our building in Schenectady and our subsequent move of about 100 miles from the Capital District to the North Country of New York State. If any need a place of fellowship, please call or email me and I will send you the link. I would much rather meet in person, but it seems that this is God’s provision for now; this may even be a form of end time underground church expression.

Our Personal Situation: God has not yet opened the door to any kind of in-person home meetings. We are still making our witness known to the entire community in other ways. It seems that we are also very busy with our medical issues. In September, Rita finished one full year of treatment which has been very successful. So since she was doing so well, her doctor asked her to continue a little longer, just to be safe.

When I traveled to Prague in late October, I got home and immediately had a mild-stroke. There has been some blockage in the arteries in the brain. My medication has been adjusted to prevent further damage and there will probably be more procedures to be recommended by these specialists. Basically, it hasn’t affected me to any great extent. We thank you for your faithful prayers and continuing support of the ministry.

Mark Jantzi

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