New Audio Messages Available

We are pleased to inform you that new audio messages are available on our website. They are a complete collection of meetings shared in the United States in 2021 so far, both in our local fellowship in New York as well as during our Zoom meetings since February. Also, we have just finished a six part series from Matthew 25 (The Parable of the 10 Virgins) which should be available on the website in a few weeks. We trust you will be edified by listening to the word that God is bringing at this time. To view these audios, please follow this link. As some of the messages have additional printed materials linked to them, please take your liberty to study these materials together with the messages.

Also, we are considering adding videos from our Zoom meetings to the website. If you would be interested in having these messages available in a video format in addition to the audios, please contact Brother Mark Jantzi at If you are unable to join with a local fellowship and would be interested in joining our Sunday morning 9:00 AM Zoom meeting, please contact Brother Mark as above.

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