Philippine Mission Update – October 2021

Dear Brethren,

As many of you now must know, the closing of the KMMS school in the Philippines in the region of Butuan, on Mindanao Island was completed on August 31st. Only a few legal details with the local government are yet to be completed. Though we are hindered from visiting our Filipino brethren personally at this time, it seems that the Spirit is saying that we will be carrying out our labor in a different manner now.

We have planted a seed of the kingdom in this land, not just in the school, but among a broader cast among the people. We are not ready to abandon those who have laid hold on the message, many at a considerable personal sacrifice. As the first photo shows, this is a gathering of some of the elders in the near Butuan area. Brother Lito has been with us from the very beginning when we had meetings at the Karaga Hotel. Brother Alan has been the guidance counselor at the school; he has been ministering to a group made up of school parents and their children. Former teachers have joined some of these prayer and bible study groups. Brother Ben has joined us from a nearby community.

From left to right: Brother Lito, Brother Ben, Brother Allan

Brother Edmar and Sister Medlyn, who were formerly running a bible school, were unable to attend this meeting because of the covid travel restrictions, but we understand that they are faithfully carrying on the ministry to a local fellowship. There are also a number of their bible school graduates, now young couples and families, who are also scattered about and ministering to fellowships.

So, this message is still there and we believe the seed to be multiplying. This next photo, which we just received within the past week, shows Brother Lito with new believers, ready to be baptized.  My purpose of writing this to you is to encourage you to continue with your prayer for these people. We also intend to give financial support to these ministries as we are able. If you wish to help us in this endeavor, you may use the same means you used to send support to the school children.

Baptism in Butuan City, October 2021

May God bless you,
Mark Jantzi

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