“Luton” Conference April 2019

By now, you surely know that the Luton conference is now somewhat of a misnomer, since it has not actually been held in Luton for the last two years, but at a place known as Walton-on-the-Naze, on the Atlantic coast of England of what I suppose could be the North Sea. However, it is the Luton Fellowship that supports and sponsors the annual gathering for the past 8 years (first held in 2012). It seems that this little flock had decided that perhaps the Lord did not want a gathering this year as there was lacking a witness to do so; that is, until someone called the Aganna house and told of a dream that the conference was going to be supported by the attendance of Czech brethren. And indeed, there were at least 18 of the Czech brethren who flew over to attend this conference.

We (Rita and myself) had also decided that we would not attend this year, that is, until I heard that the Lord seemed to be promising that His presence would be here with us. So, we made plans to fly, first to Prague and then to make the Passover/holiday weekend round trip flight over to Stanstead via Easy Jet with some of the Czech brethren; there were 8 in our particular party. I must say that the airport was much more user friendly and organized this year than last. We arrived Friday afternoon and returned early on Monday. And the weather was also far more friendly this year. I heard that much prayer against the possibility of rain and mud was made and it certainly showed that God was listening; it was completely dry but fairly cool for the entire weekend.

So, let me just say who the speakers were and the theme of what was said. There were Brothers Toks (Friday), myself (two on Saturday), Abare (Sat eve and Sun aft), Martin (on Sun am) and Iyke (the last eve meeting Sunday). Bro. Lazlo and Dr. Richard also shared some. I believe it was recorded and hopefully the audio recordings will be made available soon. Some of the main themes were the “due order” (example of the priests handling the Ark; i.e., to follow the Lamb wherever He goes) that God is asking of his body in these last days. Mention was also made of our need for absolute obedience to Christ and remaining under His “custody”, as the bride of Christ (example of Esther under the care of Hegai, a type of the Holy Spirit). Word was also brought on the need for “ascending” (to move up higher in the Spirit, in Christ and not let the world touch us to defile us or us to touch the world); Jesus told Mary not to touch Him yet at the gravesite, for He had not yet ascended to the Father.

It was a good conference; all the response that I heard was that it was a rich and anointed time in the word and the Spirit. Attendees came from the two local (London and Luton) fellowships, from the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Nigeria and the USA. As I write this, we have returned to Tursko. We will be having two more weeks of meetings at the three fellowships here in the Czech Republic. Stay “tuned” for more on this later.

Mark and Rita Jantzi

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