Czech Conference October 2016

The Czech conference starts a full week after the German conference and runs for a full week, the last week of October. I cannot remember how many Czech conferences there have been; it seems that there has been an annual conference here for almost 25 years, all made at the initiative of the local Czech brethren. This is a fellowship that has blossomed into maturity as a living expression of the body of Christ, as I wish we could say of every place that we have visited. The young people that we first met in the 1990’s are now parents of children, teens and young adults, who will themselves soon be making families if the Lord tarries. But there is a cry from His bride that He tarries not much longer.


South Czech Meeting

In the week between conferences, Rita and I traveled about a 2 hour drive down to the south of Czech (Bohemia), near the Austrian border, to visit a small home fellowship. [Besides the larger Prague (Tursko) fellowship, there are three other groups that interact together in the Czech Republic]. On this particular Thursday, Kristyna drove us down with her eldest daughter, both of them serving as excellent translators for this group. We met in a 5th floor flat with a group of 8 (12 including us four). They gave me much liberty and time as I spoke on “baptisms”, as foreshadowed in type by the brazen laver. It seems that that particular subject was examined quite thoroughly at the conference later. These were all mature and older adults, many who needed healing; we later heard that the Lord had done a miraculous work among some of them in response to our prayers.

The Czech conference was held at a new location this year, a small village of Hruba Voda, in the Hotel Hluboky Dvur, about 13 km west of the 3rd largest Czech city of Olomouc. It is a beautiful setting in the Moravian mountains. After our 4 hour journey from Prague, it seemed that we had come to the end of the road; everything from here seemed to end in gravel/mud roads or forest paths, excellent for visiting nature. We were also blessed with the presence of a very busy mountain railroad and station, frequently carrying both passengers and freight from logging sites; her bells at the crossing nearby and the rumble of old rail cars could be heard all through the night.

It was here that the Spirit of God began to move again among his people. We gathered here with brethren from three European, three African countries and six American states. There were two main meetings each day, morning and evening. Some afternoons were dedicated to children’s teaching, missions and other activities. In addition to the six speakers who shared, there was a good spirit of repentance among the people; one brother said it was the best repentance move he had seen in a long time. As I mentioned earlier, there was much teaching that focused on the furnishings of the outer court, particularly the brazen laver. There was also considerable focus on the soul and the issues of the heart. I spoke two teachings on the priesthood of all believers and then traced the history of this through the first two centuries as to how this became eroded away. I am not listing in this report the title of every message but it can be found in the website:


Children & Youth

We were particularly blessed to see the response of the youth in seeking repentance; even quite small children came without prompting to seek the Lord and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. At the meetings on the last day, the children came to join the praise team with their recorders and flutes, all giving joy to the Lord. We came away very blessed again to have this opportunity to share in the life of Christ with His body. As I finish this report at home, we are so grateful to all who gave of their time, resources and prayer for us to be able to participate in this gathering of the saints.

May God bless you,
Mark and Rita

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