October 2016 Report from Germany


German Conference

The German Conference was held the weekend of October 14-16, again this year in Berlin, for the third consecutive time. We (the brethren from the United States) flew first to Prague and then drove by car the 4½-5 hour drive to Berlin, the venue and accommodations being the same as before. I believe there were 6 carloads that traveled from Czech. Other countries represented include native German brethren, Swiss, Polish, Czech, and Nigerians living in Germany and the UK. I keep hearing feedback from the attendees saying that they believe this is the “best German conference ever”. Let me quote the following three comments made by a German sister in reflecting back on these meetings:

“That God chose the capital cities of Germany to create HIS church made out of living stones is the beginning of a much higher plan for Europe. Germany in this case is the beginning of something higher.”

“We heard very intensive speeches, heard them 1,000 times and nevertheless, completely fresh because they opened again another door of our understanding. And every speech assembled to the other. But every speaker also had a warning coming with his speech and that was not manipulated, that came out of the Holy Spirit.”

“We have had for this weekend Zechariah 4:6, “RUACH, not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts,” as our head note. Let us hold on and follow in this absolutely because it is essential for survival for each and every one of us.”


Brothers Guido & Mark

For a specific list of the messages given: Brother Burt opened the first Friday night meeting with the word, “How Much do you Really Love God”, also commenting on the rapidly changing world that we are living in today. I brought the word on Saturday morning, again recounting the present perilous times and declaring that, “as in the days of Noah”, God has also made provision of a hiding place for us in the hour of destruction that is fast approaching. Throughout the meetings there was a liberty of the Spirit of prophecy as a word was given to many, including the young people. Our noon and evening meals were prepared and served on site under the direction of Brother Oliver, Sister Eva and many other willing hands.

The afternoon message was given by Brother Martin, “Open My Eyes Lord, that I Might See”, making reference to the coming into the Holy Place becoming visible after being born again. Brother George finished the day’s word by speaking of the true body of Christ. Sunday morning was our last meeting. The praise and worship throughout the meetings was an excellent Spirit as we enjoyed the musical instruments of Brother James, Sister Kristyna, Brother Oliver and the young sister Veronica and Brother Daniel taking turns on the keyboard. Brother Barak brought the best summary word, “I have heard by the hearing of the ears, but now I see,” firsthand.

The speaking word we have recorded and will soon have the messages available for you to hear. I’m sorry that the praise was not recorded. Our next conference, the week-long meeting in the Czech Republic, will begin one week from the close of this meeting. We have already returned to Prague. Stay tuned and thank you each one for your continuing prayers.

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