Visit to Brazil


It has been on our heart for some time now to make a visit to Brazil. It is not just something that I have always wanted to do, nor do I have a great interest in soccer or the Olympics. But for more than the past year or so I have seen that the visits to this web site from Brazil have become the third most visits of any country outside of the US, and we have never been there. We have prayed about this and submitted the plan to our brethren, our fellow laborers. It seems that this could be the Macedonian call coming from the internet. I have explored the possibility of making a contact to serve as an entre for our visit but all of these attempts have so far failed to accomplish any kind of invitation. It seems that churches and religious organizations are jealously guarding their turf. So we will be traveling strictly on the mercy of God by faith and see what doors He will open unto us, something that we have never quite done this way before.

Rita and I will plan to make this exploratory two week visit with James and Joanne Cassell to Sao Paulo. The time of departure will probably be the last week of July and/or into August. We are asking for you to join us in prayer for this endeavor.

May God bless each one of you,
Mark Jantzi

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