At the Half Way Point of Our Stay

Hello Brethren,

Rita Doing Laundry

Rita Doing Laundry

Just a little progress report. Rita and I are now at the half way point of our two month stay here in the Philippines. We are both healthy and doing well by the Spirit. Both the children’s school and the Bible school have finished their season of classes, and their respective graduations will be in the latter part of next week. So the intensity of that work has finished. I might say that we have been very satisfied with the ministry we have given at the Bible school. We have been given complete liberty and have covered many subjects in the few days we have been there. We have had an opportunity to develop a good rapport with the students. These are young men and women who will soon be getting married and moving into the distant parts of not only the Philippines but also throughout southeast Asia. I am convinced that the eyes of the students have been opened to a new realm of understanding the Word of God. In the coming weeks we will be working with the Bible school directors to help design a new curriculum for the coming year. We will also be working with the elders in the Mindanao Island area to help enhance their ministry and their understanding of the word. There are a couple of new men who have been in another ministry and have expressed a desire to begin working with us; men who are tired of the old house ways and are ready for the new. We intend to get to know them much better. There is also business that needs to be done at the children’s school during the time that it is closed for their “summer break.” One thing that we are discovering, it is certainly different being here for months when compared to a two week period. Again, I want to thank the saints for the continuing prayer and to thank you for sending us here and giving us this great opportunity.

God’s love and blessings to all,
Mark and Rita

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