German International Conference 2012

This will be the second year of holding the conference at Bad Neuenhr-Ahrweiler. Hartmut and Hannelore Dorge are again the ones who have labored to bring this about: working out details with the hotel for reservations and meeting room, sending out invitations and many such details. Our part along with a few Czech brethren was support and counsel.

German Brethren

Only two couples came from America, the Asbills and the Jantzis, and we all began our European travel from Prague. After nearly a two day rest in Prague we began the trip at about 9 AM with five cars of brethren and children representing five other Czech families. What was supposed to be a 7 hour trip ended up taking us 10 hours. The car in which we were riding developed a sudden mysterious blowout of an almost new tire not many miles west of Prague on the main highway. We had to drive in to Plzen to have the tire replaced which took nearly 3 hours. However the enemy may have wanted to hinder us, we were thankful for the Lord’s protection. And we did arrive just in the nick of time, 7:30 PM, to share at the first evening meeting.

Sister Ify with Children

The theme of the word shared at the five meetings was of course an end-time message, exhorting the listeners to come into the “secret place of the most high” while it is yet day. It was such a blessed time in which nearly everyone present had something to share as to how the Lord was dealing with them and what He was speaking to them; this being as we desire to see the body of Christ functioning. We are living at a time of great peril in this world. Kingdoms are falling and thrones are being plucked down with others set up. We are seeing the winds of adversity blowing upon the foaming restless waves of demon inspired mobs in many major cities of the world. One wonders if we have yet another year to be able to gather unhindered as we have been able to do.

This small conference has grown in size and in spirit since the first one. Since Rebecca could not take on the translation for all of the meetings, we are grateful for the help of Sister Sabine from Switzerland. The Czech brethren did not need a translator as they were all familiar with English, the language in which the speakers gave their messages. We also plan to make these messages available on this web site as soon as the recordings can be made ready, complete with German translation.

The trip home went much more smoothly, in spite of periods of rain and we returned to Prague without incident.  After a week in Prague we will then be attending the weeklong conference in the western Czech hills of Moravia.

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