Ethiopia, Addis Ababa by George Herrig

Dear Brethren,

US Team in EthiopiaToday marks our 7th day here in Ethiopia and we are all doing well here by the grace of God. Since we have joined Bro. Burt and Sister Nancy, we have been in 3 meetings in various places in the city. In addition we have held a bible study and prayer meetings in the house that has been rented for Bro. Burt and Nancy Asbill during their stay here in Ethiopia. I can say our time here so far has been very profitable to all. Last night towards the end of the meeting, which was located in another part of the city, a young man came forward to pray for the team. As he prayed he then began to prophecy first to Bro. Burt and Sister Nancy and then to myself. The prophecy confirmed the planting of the Asbill’s here in Ethiopia for a season and that God would prosper their endeavors as well as the work overall. I marveled at how God would use someone who knew nothing of us and from another nation to speak the Word of the Lord. One of the things the young man prophesied that God was going to stretch me. I trust that I will be stretched according to the plans of the Master’s Hand. We see indeed that God is bringing the Kingdom Message to this nation.

As you walk the roadways of this capital city of over 5 million people, you are left with little doubt that you are in the midst of Africa. Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries on the face of the earth and the capital city of Addis Ababa reflects it as well. The city is a mixture of more poor to low income people and yet you see also the more well to do and affluent classes. Many of the merchants are tiny square foot businesses that dot the landscape throughout this city. Many in the city travel by foot or the various taxis and vans that rule the road. Their daily life is to make a living just to be able to sustain life itself. Many live in small one room huts that are little communities behind every street and main business buildings. Many use bathrooms that are nothing more than out-houses. Much of their cooking is done outside as well or in outside kitchens with minimal walls and a roof. On the other hand Addis is filled with people with cell phones and on the internet much like western civilization. Their clothing partly reflects that as well. It is a mixture of Ethiopian culture and the West.

Brother Jemal & His WifeThe interaction with the people of God is on many levels here. Open doors are and will be coming open according to the Word of the Lord. We have two precious brothers and their families that are committed to the work of God with us here in Ethiopia. Their names are Br. Jemal and Br. Fikre. These are faithful brothers that have taken hold of the Kingdom message and are doing everything to bring it to their nation. The Pattern in Amharic is ready to go into a second printing of 1,000 copies. Sister Ruth Tadesse in Washington D.C. has worked very diligently to get this second printing ready through minor corrections that was needed from the first addition. We await here the final details of the contract with the Printers.

Starting on Thursday, May 31st there will be a three day conference here in Addis Ababa that will bring together the various brethren that have been ministered to and are open to this End-time message. We would ask that you join us in prayer for this conference. We consider this time pivotal for the work that is to come forward to Ethiopia.

The team here of Br. Mark, Sister Rita, Br. Burt, Sister Nancy and myself gives our greetings to all.

God bless you,
Br. George

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