Africa-Czech Winter 2011 – Part 4

Czech Republic

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Our Arrival in Prague was the morning of Friday, March 4, 2011. Martin was waiting for us at the airport and he took us directly to his house in Tursko. Here we rested from the all night flight, had fellowship, good food and a wonderful night of rest. The next morning we decided that Rita must rest at the Kluson’s so that she can better recover from the nasty “cold” that had taken her for the past few days. At mid-morning on Saturday I left with Oliver, Linda and little Michael for the 4 hour road trip to Cesky Tesin, Moravia in the northeast corner of the Czech Republic. Tomas and Magda greeted us in their home, fed us a good meal and checked us into a small local “hotel”. Then we were taken to the meeting for the evening.

The Saturday night meeting was a youth meeting at the “meeting hall” of a group of “Polish” believers who live in the area. This fellowship is quite old, considerably predating World War 2. Because of intense persecution most of this congregation went to Poland and started three or four new communities, since the Polish government was more favorable towards them. The remnant that is left here meets in a hall which is a part of the house that is owned by one of the five or six senior elders who jointly oversee the fellowship (church), but I don’t think that they are registered. The youth are made up of 3 or 4 married couples and 4 or 5 singles. I brought a word on being watchfully prepared for the coming of the Lord. The senior elder (Vladek) attended the meeting with his wife (they were both widowed and are married for only one year).

The next morning the meeting began at 8:30 AM. The meeting had more traditional elements about it and included a celebration of the Lord’s Supper. I was asked to speak but there was also an unexpected visitor from Poland who would share the pulpit time. I spoke first on the Kingdom of God and then Tomasz Gunka followed. The feedback that we got from the leadership here was very positive. They seemed very hungry for the Kingdom Truth. Burt had also visited this group about 6 months ago. The elder (Vladek) said that they were very desirous of supporting our ministry.

On Sunday afternoon we had a meeting at the home of Tomas and Magda. Four or five of the dozen that met here were from the morning group. Others were those who regularly meet at this home. After the meeting we drove straight back to Prague.

For what it is worth, let me write for the record, a dream that I had the last night we slept in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which seems to relate to this visit to Moravia. In this dream I had made a short flight from Prague to another nearby location; a few Czech brethren went with me but Rita stayed back in Prague, planning to come another time. I stood before a door to “my house” attempting to open the door with a key but without much success. The key simply wasn’t working. A few feet (a couple of meters) to my right, unknown to me was another door to the same place. At this point I saw a man reach his hand to this other door and quickly unlock it with a key. The man looked at me and smiled. I noticed that he was dressed in a dark blue uniform with a single stripe (the lowest rank of an officer) on his sleeve and that he was a local policeman. I said, “Oh, you have the key”.

 I believe we have found an open door here, one not opened by our labor or efforts. And I will have to say that the Lord has sent one of His servants to open the door. Hopefully a door has also been opened into Poland, which is close to this door. The man from Poland has asked me to share with him our pictures from Africa and gave me his email address. He brought his wife and three young adult single children to the meeting. Let us remember Tomas and Magda as the Lord had placed them in this region. Sister Magda is from Poland and speaks the language very well. She was the morning translator.

A Page from History, Cesky Tesin: We were told this story. Some time after World War 2 a Russian officer came to the city and asked, “What kind of people live here”?  When asked the reason for his question he recounted the following: During the war when the Russian troops were pressing toward Germany, they were approaching Cesky Tesin. Now the people feared the coming of the Russian troops because of their reputation for bad behavior, looting, raping and such. So they prayed and asked God to stop them from coming. The officer, who was in charge of the advance, said that as they approached the city a very large angel withstood him and told him he could not come into the city so he turned the force and made a circuit around the city and then continued on toward Germany. However, the encounter left him so shaken that he resigned his command and it was given to another officer. This fellowship is those who had prayed.

The final meeting is Tuesday evening in Turisco with the Prague fellowship. I shared at the meeting from a dream that I had had sometime in January concerning a visit to the Holy Place in the Tabernacle. On Wednesday morning we began our flight to return us to our home in New York State.

There has been quite a bit of warfare on this journey. We can definitely say that Satan hates the word that we bring and I believe that he hates the servants of the Lord as well. But we are going to be overcomers and we will not yield to the darkness. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces. The blood of Jesus and the fullness of His Kingdom will prevail. We can also see that there is much progress and much victory. Therefore we are encouraged. All of those who prayed are also partakers of the fruit of this ministry. May God bless you abundantly.

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