Africa-Czech Winter 2011 – Part 2

Accra, Ghana

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We returned to Accra on the Kenya Air flight from Freetown on Tuesday evening, February 22, 2011. We had to obtain a transit visa ($20 each) at the airport. After we collected all of our luggage we were met at the meeting point by Brother David, who drove us first to the Erata Hotel where we had a brief visit with Brother Chima, who is here from Atlanta on business. Then we were taken to the home of Othniel and Patience Habila.  Othniel works for a UN organization devoted to helping women and children and making clean water available for them. We had a good visit with this couple until bedtime.

Our night here was a very refreshing change from the heat and dust of Sierra Leone. They live in a very secure gated apartment complex only 10 minutes from the airport. The room was air conditioned, the large bed was comfortable and we had a real shower with warm water. It is somewhat cooler here and there was a thunderstorm with rain that lasted most of the night. I would have thought that we were in Europe or the US judging from the excellent conditions of the road (a well paved three lane highway from the airport), but when the electricity failed during the night I was convinced otherwise. Nevertheless, this is a most gracious couple and their home seems to be designed for the hospitality that they show to others.

This couple comes originally from the Jos, Nigeria area but they have lived here for a long time. They have a zeal for the Kingdom of God and I believe that we share the same beliefs. They spoke on the desire to see young people come to where they not only ascribe to kingdom doctrines but who are able to walk in holiness. They were telling us how many “Christians” become easily offended when confronted with the reality of the righteous walk in practical terms. They meet with a few brethren in their home on Thursday evenings and about once a month with a youth group organized by David. There are other likeminded believers in Ghana but they are scattered far from the capital city and getting together is very difficult. Life in Accra is extremely expensive, even at the US standards we are used to; I doubt that we would be able to live here on our income. It is very difficult to find a meeting venue that can be afforded, and people from the outlying areas need to be cared for when they come for a visit. These folks have a heart for evangelism. Let us pray for them that they will be able to overcome the spirits and obstacles that this area presents to them.

Our visit here was short (about 24 hours) but we believe it was profitable. We are now at the airport. Our all night flight to Amsterdam leaves here at 10 PM. From there we will fly down to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, arriving late Thursday night. We will be staying at the SIM guest house.

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