Africa-Germany Fall 2010 – Part 3


Hello Everyone, 

Here is a little update to keep you informed.  All is well with us here. 

So far in Germany, we have spent one week with Manfred and Margrit Kiessling in Baumbach. We were brought here by Martin and Kristyna Kluson by car from Prague. We had very good fellowship here with informal meetings in the word and prayer, in which we were also joined by the sister who lives next door, Sabina Schmidt. Two meals we were also joined by their daughter and her family, Andrea and Konrad and granddaughters. Manfred also took us to visit other nearby small villages like Melsungen and Rotenburg. On Friday they drove us down to southern Germany to the Webers. After an overnight stay they returned to Baumbach. 

The visit in Michelfeld with Willi and Karin and four of their sons was to be only for the weekend.  Willi had just started a new job with the Bosch Company and did not have any extra free time. They showed us around an old historic village (Schwaebisch Hall) with lots of little shops.  We noticed that there is a Volksmission in the town that one of the older boys attend for youth fellowship. Again we had much informal time for personal interaction in the word and in the Spirit. As we visit the different scattered families in Germany I am reminded of the verse in Acts 14:22 where it says that the ministry team of Paul and Barnabas went about, “Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.”

On Sunday Willi and Karen drove us further north again to Lantershofen, Germany to the home of Hartmut and Hannelore Dorge, which will be our main quarters for two weeks.  From here we will go out to visit other brethren.  We are staying in the basement; which is like a little apartment.  It is quite nice.  Everything in Germany that I have seen with my natural eyes appears new, clean and tidy; but there are strong ruling spirits over this country.  We have had beautiful weather thus far and this afternoon they want to take us on an outing into the hills to a nature site. 

The next day we were driven further north to the Bielefeld area where we will again minister to a few brethren in this area that have made inquiry of us.  One of the men we met briefly with is Artur Kruger, whom we had met one year ago at the conference. This young husband and father has been through some very dramatic changes and some intense persecution from the state controlled spirits because of this family’s desire to follow the word of God in raising their children. They have a desire to attend the Czech conference so I hope it works out for them.

Then the Dorge’s drove us back again to their home. Hannelore has been with the fellowship for almost as long as we first began ministering at Patrick’s home in Mechenheim in the 1990’s. Hartmut, her husband is a retired (full bird) colonel of the German army. They are absolutely gracious toward us and would give us anything that we wanted. It is a peaceful home.

So as I finish this message, it is now Saturday, October 16. We have one more week here in Germany and staying in this house. Later today Hartmut and Hannelore plan to take us to Bonn (the cold war capital of West Germany) to visit a friend in the hospital. Tomorrow she plans to have a “brunch” for those in this area who are or have been affiliated with the word of the Kingdom. She expects Jurgen and Susanna Schrade (whom we have not seen for a long time). Also their own daughter’s family will come later in the day. On Wednesday we expect to be visited by Martin Flugge and his recent fiancé. It has also been some years since Martin last attended a Czech conference. We will appreciate your prayer for these meetings. Basically next week should be a quiet week.

Next Saturday, a week from today we will board a train in the evening from Koln and arrive the next morning (Sunday) to Prague. On this night train we will have a place to sleep so we should arrive somewhat refreshed. Brother Kamil will meet us at the train station and take us directly to the Czech conference, where we will spend the following week. Our return flight home will be on November 1. Again thank you for all of your continuing support and prayers.

Mark and Rita Jantzi


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