Signs of Heaven – Speaking Notes

Gen 1:14
“signs” = othoth from the root “to come”. Speaks of something coming.
“seasons” from to point out or “appointed times”. Refers to cycles of time.

  1. Read other scripture. (pg 1)
  2. Define Tetrads, timing and frequency of. (Note see NASA pg 8), earth’s eccentricity. Lunar tetrads follow a 250-300 year cycle (142 last 500 years).
  3. Define “blood moon”.
  4. 2014 & 2015 lunar eclipses and dates.
  5. 2000 year history of tetrad and Jewish feasts (pg 3)
  6. Definition of types and descriptions of lunar eclipses. (pg 3)
  7. Solar – lunar eclipses 2014-2015 and Jewish feasts. (Pg 4)
  8. Ten year Solar Eclipse pattern 2013-2023 (4) (see NASA 4) Only 68 of this type in 5000 years. Note central focus on Partials, 2018 w Hybrid bookends.
  9. Define types of Solar eclipses. Note rare hybrid of Nov 3, 2013 (pg 5)
  10. Hebrew Feasts 2014-2024 (pg 5 & 6).
  11. Six month cycle of Passover and Tabernacles.
  12. Introduction of Virgo – Rev 12:1-5 (pg 6-7)
  13. Sept 23, 2017 perfect alignment. Last seen in 3 BC.  (pg 8). Jupiter to be actually birthed 9/9/17.  Note: this will be 3 ½ years from April 2014.
  14. See illustration (pg 9) and Virgo (pg 1).
  15. Main star is Spica, only 2 deg w of eclipsed moon 4-15-14. (NASA pg 3)
  16. Spica (Latin means an ear of corn)  – Hebrew name Tsemech (Bullinger pg 31+) and Arabic Al Zimach, both mean means the Branch. 20 Hebrew words are translated as branch but only this one refers to the Messiah and is used only 4 times.
  17. Solar and lunar eclipses follow a “Saros” period of 6,585.3 days (18= years) in which they repeat in a series that last over 12 centuries. (NASA pg 11)
  18. The Procession of the Equinoxes 25,579 year cycle. Mayan calendar.
  19. Solar Ecliptic and Equator crossing point (Equinoctial point) now moving from Aires to Pices. (Bullinger 15-16), sun annually moves through 12 major constellations, but does not rest exactly at the same point each spring equinox.
  20. Movement of the polar axis over time. Originally “Draionos” in sub constellation “Drago” (the Dragon) to now “Polaris” in “Ursa Minor” tip of the tail (of little dipper). Original name of Polaris was Al Ruccaba which means turned or ridden upon as an axis (named 5-6,000 years ago).
  21. Original name of constellation Ursa Minor is Lesser Sheepfold or Little Flock. (Bullinger pg 153). The true overcomers, compared to the greater flock.
  22. This shift of the earth’s axis accounts for the Southern Cross not seen at N. Lat 40 deg since the crucifixion.
  23. Witness of the Sixth Seal. Rev 6: 12-14+