Signs and Current Events: Sept, 2014

By Mark Jantzi

Here is what has been stirring within me the past week or so, probably since our return from Nigeria. It goes back to something I shared probably in June. At the time there was a lot of hype about the coming of the tetrad (series of four) lunar eclipses (blood moons). Since there wasn’t a lot of newsworthy events that happened right on the first eclipse date of Passover, April 15 (although I believe that was the date of the Nigerian girls’ kidnapping), the hype has settled down considerably. But I haven’t forgotten, and in my time of observing God’s ways He doesn’t always move on a precise clock schedule but he seems to work sometimes in seasons.

Now I am not making any claim to be a prophet, just a reader, studier and an observer (watcher of sorts). And sometimes the Lord does speak a word clearly to me. It was back in the late spring (April 2014) that the Spirit spoke quite clearly to me that “within the next year, brethren will be taking positions and making decisions, and that where they are at that time is where they will be”. I believe that there was something similar that was given to Br Burt concerning “one more year”. And I seem to be hearing this phrase from other prophetically trusted sources but said in different ways. For example our sister in Germany wrote us concerning the conference and said something like, “this year the last one”. So first of all, there is coming some sort of benchmark, perhaps some sort of a sealing that should be completed next spring. Many things are being changed for that remnant who will remain as a holy place people. Our recent experience in Nigeria should certainly show us that we cannot continue to do business as we had in the past. My observations of our brethren certainly confirm that they are all taking positions and making decisions. So first of all, there is something that is coming to a completion within perhaps the next six months.

Secondly, getting back to the four lunar eclipse tetrads, each coming at six month intervals, I believe that these represent four seasons of some sort of tribulation. Even though these blood moons occur at the Passovers and Tabernacles, I am not seeing “one time” events as much as seasons of time. As we come to a close of this first six month tetrad let me list what I see so far:

  1. The mass kidnapping of the Nigerian school girls.
  2. The beginning of the slaughter of anyone called Christian in the mid east by Muslims.
  3. The Rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
  4. The beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  5. The recent war between Israel and Gaza, interrupting their plans to create havoc with the destruction of the tunnels.
  6. The rise of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

There is probably more, but these are ones that stand out to me. What troubles me is that there are yet three more of such seasons coming, and surely one or more of them will touch us here where we live. It is already touching Nigeria quite strongly. When I hear the number four of course I think of the human soul; and our souls are certainly being changed by what is happening to us. While I was in the hospital (after returning from Nigeria) I got only one word by the Spirit of God to me, “The Furnace”.  Many times I have asked God why He cannot change me simply by telling me what He is not pleased with, and I will do something about it. But He seems to insist that that would not change me, it would only change what I do or don’t do. The heat and pressure are needed to change my will, desires, mind and emotions.

The other thing about four that moves me is the mention in Revelation. First in Rev 7:1, I see 4 angels standing on 4 corners of the earth and holding back the 4 winds of the earth …. Until the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads. The chapter goes on and it is very clearly describing tribulation and blood of the moon church (v 14) being shed. Secondly, I think of Rev 9:13-15+ where the 4 angels (devils ?) who have been bound at the River Euphrates are being loosed and will cause the death of 1/3 of the world’s population. Surely we have seen the capability of the Islamic ISIS, Al-Qaida and such to carry this out. And we have a current administration who has no desire to stop them. So my observation at this time is that things are really falling together and we are about ready to plough right into great tribulation. What troubles me more is that many of our brethren are still playing in the streets. Have some heard their last warning? I am making another study of the meaning of the number four in scripture and will make that available very soon (not an exhaustive study but a beginning).

Update, November 5, 2014: October 8, 2014 was the date of the second tetrad of lunar eclipses (blood moons) that fell precisely on Tabernacles. I believe that is the exact day that Mr. Duncan died in a Dallas hospital from Ebola. He is the man from Liberia who came uninvited and by deceit to the US and subsequently gave the disease to two of his nurses. We have five more months for this period to play out but I believe the first observation we can make is that this date represents the coming of Ebola to America.  It is only the hand of God that is holding back the release of these plagues, but I believe that this is to serve as a warning to us that we had best find ourselves safely hidden under the shadow of the almighty where we are protected from the pestilence. I have also made a quick study of 16 similar plagues (diseases) some of which are similar to Ebola and are capable of much loss of life. Some of these are very good candidates for biological warfare by terrorists.