Meaning of the Number Four

By Mark Jantzi – November 1, 2014

A. Foundational Principles of Four

  1. Creation of Material Things were created on the 4th Day. Gen. 1:14-19 (Lights in the firmament of Heaven) the purpose was to:
    1. Divide the Day from the Night
    2. Sun to rule the day; Moon to rule the night.
    3. For signs, seasons, days and years.
  2. There are 4 seasons in the year: (Gen. 8:22; summer, winter, seedtime, harvest).
  3. There are 4 “corners”, (directions, regions, possibly powers or principalities) of the earth. (Rev. 7:1). I will not attempt at this time to name or identify them. Likewise in these 4 corners are 4 “winds” (spirits) waiting for an opportunity to bring their influence and carnage upon the earth (the realm of carnality, the natural man) and the sea (the unredeemed masses of the world’s humanity). These four angels are holding back these spirit-winds until the sealing of the 144,000 (the full measure of the overcomer saints, the sons of God. The time of sealing is here at hand.
  4. There are 4 Lunar phases (new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter).
  5. There are 4 divisions of the day (Ps. 55:17: morning, noon, evening, midnight (many ref.)). Jesus gives 4 other divisions (Mk 13:35: even, midnight, cockcrowing, morning). There are also 4 watches of the night (Matthew 14:25, Mark 6:48).
  6. There are 4 parts of the human soul (Ezek. 1:5-14 & Rev. 4:6b-9). Mind, will desires, emotions

B. Four in the Tabernacle (Quotations and page references taken from The Pattern)

  1. The Golden (also brazen) alter has 4 horns, God’s perfect offering of the soul. These horns signify force and compulsion; “calling for complete submission to the will of the Father” (pg 135). It is from these 4 horns that the sounding of the sixth angels trumpet resounds, ultimately setting loose the four spirits bound at the Euphrates River, the seat of Islam (Rev. 9:13).
  2. The Gate had four pillars which signify tribulation, trial and testing, (pg 69) and the end of man, through which we enter into God (pg. 39). There are likewise 4 pillars at the veil. (pg 81)
  3. Ezekiel 47 also shows that there are four moves of the Holy Spirit, each move another 1000 cubits further into the water until man is totally immersed into God, the living waters. This shows God’s final move on earth, which is seen as the Fourth Church Age. (pg 116)

C. Prophetic Mention and Signs of Four

  1. Zechariah 1:8-11 – Four Horses. Red, 2nd Red, Speckled and White among the myrtle trees. Riders go to and fro in the earth; report that all the earth sits still and is at rest.
  2. Zech. 6:1-8 – Four teams of Chariot Horses. (1) Red, (2) Black, (3) White, (4) Grisled & Bay. Black followed by white go north, grisled to the south, bay go to and fro in the earth. Report that the Spirit is quieted regarding the north (symbolic of coming trouble or invasion).
  3. Zech 1:18-21 mentions four horns (enemy kingdoms or powers) that have scattered and captured the hearts and souls God’s people (divided and deceived His Church). And then the Lord sent four carpenters (ministries) who will “fray” (terrify) these nations (including the denominations) that have done this to God’s people. They sound a lot like the two witnesses ministry.
  4. First Four Seals – (Rev. 6:1-8) Reveal Four Horses.
    1. White Horse with bow & given a crown goes forth to conquer.
    2. Red Horse given a sword, takes peace from earth; people begin to kill one another.
    3. Black Horse has balance scales, brings famine of food; may not harm the oil or wine.
    4. Pale (4th Seal and 4th) Horse – Rider is Death (also referred to as Pestilence[i] (Matt 24:7) or disease) and is followed by Hell (Hades). Given permission to kill 1/4th or earth by Four means: 1) sword (war or murder), 2) hunger (starvation), 3) death (pestilence or disease), 4) wild or venomous beasts (does this also include animals [eg. monkeys, bats, rats, etc] that spread plagues or diseases to men?)
  5. Fourth Trumpet (Rev. 8:12-13). Darkens 1/3rd of the sun, moon and stars. Announces three coming woes to inhabitants of earth (including the outer court?). The 4th mention of woe is mentioned in Rev 12:12 against sea (world) and earth (again the carnal realm).
  6. Sixth Trumpet (Rev 9:13+) announcement from the four horns of the Golden Altar. Loosing of the four angels bound at the River Euphrates to slay 1/3rd part of men. The 9-11-01 destruction of the Twin Towers in New York is a partial (or prelude to) release of these four “angels”. The rise of ISIS in the Iraq-Syria region also sees these powers seeking a full release.
  7. A natural sign in the heavens: The 2014 & 2015 Tetrad (very rare series of four) of lunar eclipses (also called “Blood moons” that occur at full moon), six months apart, those fall on Passover and Tabernacles. Some of these also coincide within 14 days of solar eclipses. The full meaning of this is not yet clear but they are natural signs in the heavens[ii] in which the sun and the moon will be darkened[iii]. The spiritual meaning is certainly not to be ignored. The sun (light of God) is certainly being darkened in the earth. The moon (the church that gets its light from God) is also losing her light. Further the “blood moon” also speaks of the terrible coming persecution and coming martyrdom of the church.[iv]

Summary and Conclusion

  1. Four (like forty) speaks of testing, trial and tribulation.
  2. Four also represents the natural realm
  3. Four is God’s hand of judgment upon the carnal realm.
  4. Horses are animals (in this case spiritual) used for war, conquest, to control and to subdue. Their color symbolizes their assignment. God sometimes uses Satan’s agents for His purpose.

[i] Used in Amplified Bible and as a definition of death in E.W. Bullinger’s Lexicon and Concordance.

[ii] Daniel 6:27, Matt 24:29, Lk 21:11,  Acts 2:19

[iii] Isaiah 13:10, Joel 3:15, Mark 13:24, Rev 8:12

[iv] Rev 6:9-11 (fifth seal) and Rev. 7:14