Meaning of Locusts

By Mark Jantzi October 12, 2015

First Mention Exodus 10:1-9 – The 8th Plague.

They were brought in on an East wind. Only the Red Sea and the Arabian Peninsula are East of Egypt. They were sent back out by a West wind to the Red Sea.

Deuteronomy (5th Moses) 28:38 & 42. A curse for disobedience.

I Kings 8:37 Solomon again prays concerning a renewal of the curse of Deuteronomy. His prayer includes mention of the “caterpillar” (2625) defined as “the ravager”.

Psalms 78:46 says of the locust (#697, same as above) says that their disobedient fathers gave their increase to the caterpillar and their labor to the locust.

Judges 6:5 & 7:12 Gideon and the Midianite invaders, compares them to “grasshoppers” (697). Their sole purpose was (6:5) only destruction. Includes people of the east.

Midianites – A son of Abraham, means contentious, brawling.

Amalakites – Descendents of Esau from his eldest son Eliphaz.  Meaning: people who lick up or who exhaust, also a strangler of the people. Warlike.

Joel 1:4 and 2:25 lists four types of locusts.

1) Swarming Locust (697) the name means they multiply or increase rapidly.

2) Cankerworm or crawling locust (3218) – to lick up, to devour.

3) Caterpillar or consuming locust (2625) – ravaging.

4) Palmerworm or chewing locust (1501) to devour.

Revelation 9:3 & 7 reveals Spirits that come out of the bottomless pit in a smoke (2586). They are likened to scorpions (4651) – to pierce with its sting. Torment men for five months. Appearance as horses and arrayed with war accouterments.