Levite Tabernacle Moving Assignments

Aaron and Priests: Camp adjacent and directly East (in front) of the Tabernacle. Must first cover all of the furniture in the tabernacle and then may bear the Ark on their shoulders. Covering is as follows:

Ark: First by the veil, then badger skins, finally by blue.
Table of Shewbread: Blue, then scarlet, finally badger skins.
Lampstand: First blue then badger skins.
Golden Altar: Blue then badger skins.

Kohathites: Camp adjacent to and South of the Tabernacle. After “Holy” furniture is covered by the priests, they shall bear it and may also bear the ark.

Gershonites: Camp adjacent to and West of the Tabernacle. They disassemble and transport the tent, coverings, hangings and badger skins.

Merarites: Camp adjacent to and North of the Tabernacle. They do the final disassembling (and the first to reassemble) the boards, bars, pillars, sockets, pins and cords. They were given wagons to transport these heavy things.