Instructions for Spiritual Warfare

Janet Jantzi

(July 1998 Living Word/Omega Message Convention, Mahomet, Illinois)

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I just have something that I will try to quickly share with you.  The Lord has been speaking to me about “offensive” warfare.  Not defensive, but offensive warfare.  As you know, a couple of years ago we became intimately involved with some members of our family in their court battle concerning custody rights for their little four year old girl.  You know, sometimes we think that we understand what God is saying to us and we think we understand how He is moving and what He is working.  However, we don’t all the time, and the Lord has not let me get away from this situation that we experienced.  I believe that there is a pattern in spiritual warfare, and I think that we as Christians only take it so far.  So I am going to share some steps with you that the Lord has been teaching us.

You know, we serve a God of order, and God wants us to be in that place in HIM, and we have to know who we are in Christ, and what He has accomplished for us on the cross.  We have to know also that we are seated with Him in heavenly places and that we need to enter into that rest that is in Him (Ref. Hebrews 4:9-11).  Because, you see, “rest” is a weapon; and we need to rest in Him.

The Lord began to minister to me that there is not a battle that we will ever face but that God has made a provision for us.  He died on the cross for us and He paid it all.  There is nothing we can do; there is nothing we can add.  He did it, and now we have to rest in the work that He has done; and we have to know who we are in Christ Jesus, and that He has prepared a place for us in Him and He has brought us into that place.

So, before we go and enter into the battle, there are certain steps that we need to do.  The Lord began to minister to me that the first step is to go before Him, submitting ourselves to Him and allowing the Holy Spirit to search us.  We need to have the mind of Christ, and the Holy Spirit knows if our thinking is not right.  The Holy Spirit knows where our weakness is.  He knows where the chink in our armor is.  He knows where our vulnerability is.  He can cleanse us.

You see, sometimes we go before the Lord in a battle, and we are not really clean.  Sometimes we have bitterness, sometimes we have anger, and sometimes the things of the flesh enter in; and Jesus has to clean us and wash us.  He needs to fill us and strengthen us for the battle, and to encourage us and reveal Himself to us.  We have to get a glimpse of who He is.  We need to have that Godly fear that HE is over all, and that it will not be you, but it will be HIS authority and HIS Word that is going to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. These things are essential as we would go into battle, and they come forth within us as we go before the Lord and submit to Him, and seek Him and receive of Him.

So the first thing as we would go into battle, is that we need to go before Him and to minister unto Him, but then to allow Him to minister unto us.  To allow Him to minister unto us things concerning the enemy: to show us what the enemy is doing and what his plot is.  What his scheme is.  To show us what this is that is coming against us, and then for God to reveal to us what GOD’S issue is, what His desire is and what His purpose is, in the matter.

There was one thing that the Lord spoke to us just a little while before we joined this battle, and that was, “You have not yet begun to fight.”  So then, I want to say to you, church, that you have not yet begun to do battle.  You have not yet begun to do battle, and if you are not exercising the weapons of your warfare now, then when that hour and when that time of need comes, that is not a time to learn it.  You do not have time to learn it then.  You have to be exercising your weapons of warfare now.

In the situation with this little girl, there was an accusation that came against her father.  Now, I want you to know that if we had just fought the battle on this accusation, we would have failed.  We would have lost the battle, for the thing that the Lord showed us was that the issue was not the accusation.  So we asked, “God, show us what the real issue is in this situation?”  Because, you know, you are not really fighting people, but you are fighting “powers and principalities (Ref. Ephesians 6:12).  The Lord then revealed to us the three principal spirits involved in this situation, and that there was sin and spirits on both sides of the family that had come in.  There were also the territorial rulers and principalities involved.  This little girl was at least the fifth generation of an only daughter born to an only daughter.  Her mother was married at her conception and birth, however, what we learned of her four maternal ancestors involved considerable sexual uncleanness and unstable, uncommitted relationships.

These kinds of familial unclean spirits look for their opportunity to pass their claim down from generation to generation.  As we take authority over these spirits and cut them off in the heavenlies, we also need to cut them off to our children and to our grandchildren.  You need to go beyond yourself and your generation in your warfare, and go down into the next generations, because when these spirits cannot come back to you, then they are going to try to go to your children, and then they are going to try to go to your grandchildren.

So then, we saw that the real issue was the soul of this little girl.  These unclean spirits wanted to work this accusation to establish their uncleanness in her life.  They always come to rob, kill, and destroy; and they wanted to destroy her life.  The issue was not the accusation.  We would not have known this except we went before God and He revealed these things to us.  We needed revelation from God, and we asked, “Lord, what is going on?”  “God, how do we fight this?”  “Father, as You see it, as You know it, reveal the real issue to us?”

In addition, we needed to wait upon God to get a “word.”  We need a word in the battle.  Not our word, but we need the word of God.  Not just to go through the Scriptures and say, “This is what I am going to use,” but what we need is a “now” word!  A [rhema] “NOW” word!  “God, what is the word that You have for us, now, in this situation, to speak against the enemy?”

Also, after we have prayed and we have looked to God for a word, we need prophecy.  Paul said that we can pray in the spirit and we can pray in our understanding (Ref. 1 Corinthians 14:15).  You know, some of us do not do that, but we just sit back and we let others do it (that supposedly move in prophecy), and we just sit back and we are very comfortable.  However, Paul said to pray in the spirit and then pray in your understanding; and God will give you a revelation and He will give you a word.

Then, we have learned that the next thing is that we are to take back to God the word that He has given to us.  We take it back to Him, for we are to be sure, “God am I hearing right?”  You see, the problem is not with God, but the problem is with us.  “Am I truly understanding, God, what You are saying to me?”  We cannot be presumptuous in the word that we hear, but we need to take that word back to God and we need to have Him make it very clear so that we clearly understand what God is saying and what His purpose is and what He wants to accomplish.

Then we need to move in obedience to the instructions that He gives us.  You know, when Joshua went before the Lord and inquired of Him about Jericho, the Lord said to Him, “It is yours.  I am going to give it to you.”  That is when the victory came.  Joshua had the victory from the time that God spoke that word to him, but there was a walking out that Joshua had to do.  God gave him instruction, and He said, “This is what you are to do: You are to walk around the city of Jericho, but you are not to utter a word; and every day for a week you are to go around the city; and then when the trumpet blows and the sound is given, then you give a mighty shout!”

So you see, God is going to instruct us.  He is going to instruct you as to how you can walk through the battle and be obedient to Him.

The second step is that we have to put on “the whole armor of God” (Ref. Ephesians 6:11-18).  The “Spirit of Truth” will lead us into all truth, and, you know, sometimes, in a battle—I do not know about you, but in that particular battle, I trembled.  I could not just assume that I had on the whole armor of God.  You know, you can read about it a lot easier than what you have to do in going through the motions of putting it on.  You, nevertheless, have to be sure you have on “the helmet of salvation.”  You have to be sure that you have the “mind of Christ”  (Ref. 1 Corinthians 2:16).  You have to be sure that you are girded with the “belt of truth,” and that you have on “the breastplate of righteousness” and all of the armor of God.

You know, if there is anything wrong, then you are not going to be able to stand in the battle.  If there is sin, then you are not going to be able to stand in the battle.  Furthermore, you will notice that there is no armor for the back, because you cannot flee.  God does not want you to turn and run.  He wants you to stand and face the enemy and to take him on.  Your feet need to be shod with “the preparation of the gospel of peace,” because on the battleground you have to have your feet planted.  You have to plant your feet there.  You have to be sure that you have the mind of Christ and you have to be sure that your mouth and your mind are in agreement to speak what God has given to you.

Thirdly, you enter the battle, but not prematurely.  You know, sometimes we are so eager that the flesh gets in the way; and if you enter into the battle in the flesh, you are going to be defeated.  There is a right timing in God to enter the battle, and God is going to let you know what that time is.  He is going to let you know.  Maybe the circumstances will move to try to press you prematurely into the battle, but you need to wait on God and be sure that the timing of going into the battle is of Him and not of you.

Now then, you need to take the word, the revelation which God has given to you, and use it as an offensive weapon in the spirit realm against the enemy.  I did this together with my husband, Mark.  He sought the Lord and he said, “You know, God, I don’t want to go after the enemy in my prayers with a buckshot loaded shotgun.  I do not have the strength or the time to pray against every possible demon that could be involved.  I want to direct my prayers like a high powered rifle.  We need You, Lord, to show us the enemy.  Show us who the foe is, and what the enemy is doing and what he is up to, so that we know where we can direct our prayers to defeat him.”  Now, the Lord revealed these things to us, and we took the word (the revelation that God gave us) and we spoke it out unto the heavenlies.  There wasn’t anybody there, but we spoke it out into the heavenlies, that the spirits in the heavens would hear it, “This is what GOD is saying in this…”

One of the things that we said was, “SATAN, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE THIS CHILD!  SHE IS A SEED OF THE RIGHTEOUS, AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE HER!”  Now, this was a time of binding and loosing; and we bound those spirits and we said,

“You are NOT using her!  We sever the family spirits, and we connect her to the bloodline of the Lord Jesus Christ!  You are not going to have her because she is a seed of the righteous who have a blood covenant with God, and God has a plan and a purpose for her, and she is NOT following that old pattern!  GOD has a plan!  GOD has a new pattern and GOD has a purpose for her, and YOU ARE NOT HAVING HER!”

We spoke out the word that God gave us into the heavenlies, and then we prayed in the authority that God has given to us.  You see, God has given to us and to the Church HIS authority, but we do not always rise up in His authority.  Many times we are weak, or we sit back (or I do not know what the reason is), and we do not rise up in the authority that God has given to us.

We have to know our place in God and the blessings that He has given to us.  We have to know what He has for us, and where He is bringing us.  These are the things that we have to speak against the enemy, that he would not rob us.  He has no business trespassing against the blood of the Lamb!  HE IS A TRESPASSER!  He is a THIEF and when he is caught he needs to know that he has been caught!  Speak the word to the enemy: “YOU ARE NOT DOING IT!  IN THE NAME OF JESUS!”  “GOD PAID THE PRICE FOR ME ON THE CROSS!”  For the enemy will try to come and bring condemnation to you, but your sins are under the blood, and, “THERE IS THEREFORE NOW NO CONDEMNATION TO THEM WHICH ARE IN CHRIST JESUS…”  (Romans 8:1).

Then you need to address the word that God has given you to the enemy, and you need to take authority over his plan and his purpose; and then speak God’s word to him out loud.  You have to speak it out loud to the enemy.  Do not expect the devil to read your mind, he has to hear that confession.

“You are not doing this!  This is not God’s will and plan and purpose, and you are not doing WHAT YOU WILL!  I am not giving it to you!  I am not giving it to you!”  Hallelujah.

The fourth thing is that the Word says, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you”  (James 4:7).  Now, a lot of times we understand the warfare up to this point, but it was from this point onward that there came more revelation and a new understanding to me concerning this verse.  You know, I was not taught these things, but I stumbled into going before the Lord and having God give me a word and a revelation and then speaking that out into the heavenlies.  I stumbled into that.  I say I stumbled into it, but you know that the Lord leads you into truth.  Now, sometimes you think that you understand that truth, but as time goes on you understand it more, and the part that I did not understand is that when the enemy flees, he is leaving ground behind him.  He is leaving ground behind him, because he took it as a thief and now he has to flee.  He had no right to that ground, but he took it anyway.  When he flees he leaves that ground behind, and now God gives you a season and a time of unhindered prayer, where the enemy is not bombarding you, and that is when you need to go before God and you need to pray.  You pray for God to save and deliver souls.  You claim souls and you pray what God is showing you, as HE sees it, and what HIS issues are.

Now, regarding the ground that the enemy has left behind—YOU TAKE THAT GROUND!  You take that ground in the name of Jesus, and you put it under the lordship of Jesus!

THEN you PLUNDER THE ENEMY!  YOU plunder the enemy!  You take back everything he has tried to steal from you.  You take back everything!  Whether it is health, whether it is finances, whether it is ground in your soul, whether it is warfare that is going on in the family—YOU TAKE THAT GROUND BACK!  Take it back in the name of Jesus, and put it under the lordship of Jesus.  It says in Mark 3:27,

“No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil (plunder) his house.”

The account in Luke 11:21-22 adds the plundering of the enemy’s weapons.

When a strong man (the devil), armed, keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace.  But when a stronger than he  (Jesus Christ) shall come upon him, and overcome him, HE TAKETH FROM HIM ALL HIS ARMOR IN WHICH HE TRUSTED, AND DIVIDETH HIS SPOILS.

Now, it is in this place that the battle is actually won.  It is in this place of prayer before God.  It is in this place of praying in the Spirit and praying with your understanding.  Do not leave the enemy without plundering him!  That is what he would do to you, to your destruction.  ROB HIM!  You rob him of everything he would try to take from you—your children, your grandchildren, finances, health, your peace—whatever!  You do not leave anything behind!  PLUNDER HIM!

Now then, you also need to know that the enemy is going to counter attack!  You can count on it.  Yes, count on it—there will be a second battle!

Let us see a picture of these things of warfare in the Scriptures.  Go to 2 Samuel 5, and beginning with Verse 17:

But when the Philistines heard that they had anointed David king over Israel, all the Philistines came up to seek David; and David heard of it, and went down to the stronghold. 

Verse 18,  “The Philistines also came and spread themselves in the valley of Rephaim.  AND DAVID INQUIRED OF THE LORD, saying, “Shall I go up to the Philistines?

(You see one of the main things God wants us to do is to inquire of Him.  Always inquire of Him.)

And David said, wilt thou deliver them into mine hand?  And the Lord said unto David, GO UP: FOR I WILL DOUBTLESS DELIVER THE PHILISTINES INTO THINE HAND.  And David came to Baal-perazim, and David smote them there, and said, The Lord hath broken forth upon mine enemies before me, as the breach of waters.  Therefore, he called the name of that place Baal-perazim.  And there they left their images, and David and his men burned them.

Now, the enemy always comes back to the same place in battle.  He will always come back to the same place in battle:

Verse 22,  “And the Philistines came up yet again and spread themselves in the valley of Rephaim (as they did previously in Verse 18).  And when David inquired of the lord, he said, THOU SHALT NOT GO UP….

…THOU SHALT NOT GO UP.”  You see, how we fought the enemy in one way, we cannot assume that is the way God is going to again give us the victory.  That is why we need to go back to God, and say and inquire of Him,  “Lord, what is it?  How can we go up against the enemy?  Should we do this?”  You cannot go on your knowledge of a previous battle.  You need another word.  If God will not give you a new word, then you need to go on the knowledge that God has already given to you.

Now, reading on from Verse 23, we see that God gave David a different instruction from what He gave him in the first battle, and He said,

Thou shalt NOT go up but make a circuit behind them and come upon them over against the mulberry trees.  And when thou hearest the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees THEN thou shall bestir thyself for THEN shall the Lord go out before thee to smite the host of the Philistines.

You never assume that the word that God has given you in one battle, that when the enemy comes back that that is the same way to approach him.  You never assume that, but you go back and you inquire of God again.  Hallelujah.

DO NOT LET THE ENEMY MOVE YOU.  He wants to move you or knock you out of your place in God.  He wants to move you to react or to move in the flesh, or to move in your own understanding.  You, however, have gone before God and you have a revelation and a word from God—stand on it!

Now, the way that the enemy always comes back is to make an attack against you in your thinking; and it goes all the way back to Genesis: The serpent said to Eve, “Hath God said…”?  “Did He say…?”  So, the thing is that you need to stand FIRM in the word that God has given to you.

Also, always know that there is not just one, but there are two battles.  The one battle is to get free and to take the ground, but there is always the second battle, which is TO STAY FREE AND TO KEEP THE GROUND!  We see people that have gone through deliverance, who get free and they take the ground, but they are ignorant about the next battle.  They forget that there is another battle that is going to come against them.  The enemy has lost you as a prey, but he wants to come back and he wants to try to take you again as a prey.  So the second battle is: “YOU ARE NOT GETTING IT!  I AM MAINTAINING MY FREEDOM, AND I AM GOING TO KEEP THE GROUND THAT I HAVE GAINED!”

We have to know that we have gained it only in the victory that is in Christ Jesus.  It is not in us, but it is only in His name, by the blood of the Lamb, and because we are in Christ.  Hallelujah!

So then, when the enemy comes back to exactly the same place, we need to go back and say, “God, what is it that I am fighting this time?”  “What is the real issue, and what is YOUR perspective?  God, show me what YOU see and as YOU see it.”  This is how you can have the eyes of faith.  It is when you see it as God tells you it is, and not as you see it or believe it to be.

The Holy Spirit causes us to break through when we are PERSISTENT in prayer.  We need to be persistent in prayer.  You need to know that oftentimes the battle is going to get worse before you are ever going to see the victory.  Now, when the battle gets worse, or when you are praying for somebody that’s sick and they get worse—if you give up then, then you are going to lose the battle.  Because the enemy is going to come back in and he is going to take the ground.  Therefore, it is very important and you have to know that the battle is going to get hotter.  It is going to get stronger.  It is going to get worse before it gets better; but that does not mean that you have lost the battle.  That does not mean that, but the enemy would try to TRICK you, and cause you to believe (by looking at the circumstances around you—because it is getting worse) that God has not heard you and that the answer is not going to come.  THE ENEMY IS A LIAR!  He is a liar, but we need then to be as persistent and as fervent in prayer in what God has told us as we were the first time we ever prayed it.  Hallelujah.

Again, I want to reiterate that it is very important that you realize that you haven’t fought the enemy just to have him flee.  Just having him flee is not the answer, and neither is that as far as God wants you to take it.  During the time of unhindered prayer, you still have battle to do—for souls, and to take back ground, and to plunder the enemy.

Now, God will show you this by revelation.  He will reveal that to you by His Spirit; and as you take the ground back from the enemy and as you plunder him, during this time you will also gain blessings from God.

We gained a blessing.  Brother Tom Campbell was in the area, and this little girl that I have been speaking about and her little brother came then to church.  You know, you see these things, but you do not always know how to identify them; and so that particular Sunday morning when Brother Tom had finished preaching, Mark asked if there was any other need for prayer.  Now, I kind of wondered why did he do this, because we did not have anyone new, we did not have anybody supposedly unsaved?  Nevertheless, do you know who responded?  This little girl and her brother!  It was not anything that Mark did, but the Spirit of God moved upon her and she was broken, she was weeping.  So Mark thought she just wanted prayer, but she came up and she said, “I want Jesus in my heart.”

You see, there is a responding to the Spirit of God, but during this time, the Father has an agenda.  Father has a plan, and the thing is, there are souls in every battle that God wants to bring to salvation.  That is what we many times do not see; that is what we forget.  We forget that in the battle, there are souls that God wants to bring into salvation.

Another thing to see, as I have also already mentioned, is that you gain blessings from the Lord and you come out of the battle stronger, because the victory has been given to you in prayer.  You know, you are then in the place where you are no longer fretting against the enemy.  He is not chasing you, and you are not where you are on the defensive, but instead you have a strength found in God and you have a confidence in God.  You know that what God has spoken and you know that you can absolutely count on it.

God is not a man, that he should lie… hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?” (Numbers 23:19).

This is a confidence that you have from the time He tells you and speaks it to you.  So then, you come out of the battle stronger and victorious.  You have a greater understanding of God, because He has given you a revelation of who He is, and how He moves and how He works, and what His purposes are.  Also, God has given you a greater understanding of what your place is in Him, and you have enlarged your faith and you have come to have a greater trust in God.

Now, I believe that this is the place that God wants to bring the Church in this end time, and I just want to briefly go over again these things that I have said.  Remember that we need to take our warfare to this other step, where we “take the ground”; and that we need that time of unhindered prayer, to plunder the enemy and to take back the things that he would try to steal and take from us; remembering also that it is a time for God to move and work, and bring souls unto Him.

Now, I believe that the Church in the end time (The victorious Church in Christ Jesus) is going to be in that place; and so I want to encourage you.  I want to encourage you in your warfare—IT IS NOT DEFENSIVE BUT IT IS OFFENSIVE.  It is all because you have a place in God that He has brought you to—through the blood—through the cross.  IT WAS FINISHED ON THE CROSS!  There is nothing you can add to it!  There is nothing you can do; and it is not because you deserve it, but it is because HE brought you in.  HE has done it.  He has died for you, and you are under grace.

So, do not quit your warfare, being content just to have the enemy flee; but move in that place of unhindered prayer.  We do not know how long a battle is going to last, but stand.  Remember also that there is a resting in God, and that we need to rest in God.  We need to sit with Him in heavenly places, that we would know who we are in Him, so that we can walk more effectively when the enemy comes against that and tries to rob us.

Now, when we have done everything we know how to do, then God will show us how to bind, how to loose, and how to walk.  Remember that in the heat of the battle, He wants you to stand.  Plant your feet by faith on the battleground and stand!  Stand there!  Speak the word that God has given to you, into the heavenlies and to the enemy.  Do not let him off the hook, but take back the ground and plunder him.  The enemy has no purpose but that he wants to rob, kill, and destroy; and it is time the Church woke up to the authority God has given to us in Christ.  It is time we came into the authority and into the place where God has called us to stand and to abide in Him.  It is not that we are fighting in the flesh, but it is the Captain of the Host Who will fight for you.  It is a place of victory in God, and God wants the Church in this hour to come into that, and to move in that and to stand in that.

God wants you to be watchful and prayerful, persistent in your prayer.  Not allowing the enemy to get away with anything, but taking a stand, and being watchful over your children and your grandchildren.  Where we are always going back to God and saying, “What is the Word?  What is the issue—the real issue—in this matter?  Because it is not what you see; and He will tell you; and it is the way that He says it is, not the way it appears to be.

So, let us move on!  Let us move on and not allow the enemy to rob us and defeat us.  The victory is ours!  Jesus paid for it on the cross.  All we have to do is come into that place, and we come into that place by letting God cleanse us and deal with the things in us.  You see, if there is a struggle, or sin, or something wrong in us—you are not going to be able to stand and you are not going to be able to fight!  That is why you need to go to God first, and allow the Holy Spirit to search you, and to move upon you with repentance and cleansing, to establish you in that place.

We cannot be righteous in our own eyes.  We have to go to God; we cannot just be right in our own eyes.  You know, there is a way that seems right unto man, but the way in the end of it is death (Ref. Proverbs 14:12).  We have to go, and we have to say, “Father, what do You see?  Here I am, search me.”

Now, that which He puts His finger on, He does not expect you to change.  He knows you may not be able to change it, but what He is looking for out of you is recognition: “Yes, Father, I see it!  I do not want it!  Remove it!  Cleanse me with the blood and fill that area with Your Spirit and with Your life.”  We must decrease that HE might increase.  Hallelujah.

Let us move in the authority that God has given unto us.  Let us stand in the battle in the place of victory He has called us to.  He has not called us to be defeated but to be in the victory.  The victory is yours from the time He speaks it.  All you need to do is stand in the place that He has called you to.  Let your mind be renewed by Him, and then speak the word that He has given to you.

I am not talking about “Name it and claim it.”  That is not what I am saying.  I am talking about revelation.  I am talking about using your prayer language.  Do you know, we do not know how to pray.  We do not know HOW to pray; and, you know, you feel the helplessness of it.  “God, I do not know how to pray in this situation.”  To me, this used to be a place of weakness, but you know, God says, “No, it is not a place of weakness, because the Holy Spirit will come.”  HE is our encourager, HE is our advocate, and He is going to pray for you with groanings and with words that you cannot utter (Ref. Romans 8:26).  HE is going to pray!  He knows how to pray and He knows what to pray.

You know, that place of helplessness is actually a place of blessing, because if we could do it in our strength then we would mess it up.  We would mess it up, and we would not have victory, but instead the enemy would do a job on us.  So then, that place of helplessness is for us to learn to lean and depend and trust in the Holy Spirit.  He knows how to pray.  He knows how to intercede.  He knows what the Father’s will is, and how to bring it upon the earth in our lives as it is according to His plan and His purpose for us in heaven.

So again, we need to take our warfare that next step.  This warfare is not defensive; it is offensive.  It is offensive, and the victory is yours through the blood and what He did on the cross in Christ Jesus.  You have to remember that it is in Christ Jesus—not in you.  IN CHRIST JESUS!  We will have the victory if we are in that place in God.  Do not let the enemy deceive you.  Do not let him trick you, but do take your warfare the other step.

Remember again, when the enemy flees, there is a time period before the battle really comes to an end.  When he flees, and you have submitted yourself to God, there is going to be a time of almost quiet when the enemy is not going to harass you.  Remember that it is during that time that we really need to step up our prayer and be diligent in our prayer, and be constant and persistent in our prayer.  Usually, because the enemies have fled and we are not bombarded, then we back off and we relax, and we think the battle is over.  However, the battle is not over, because the enemy is going to counter-attack.  It is during that time of prayer before God, that the enemy comes back for the counter-attack.  It is during that time of praying the word that God has given to you, and taking authority, and binding and loosing.

That is the time where all you need to do is stand in God.  Stand in God!  Stand in your place!  Stand in faith!  Because the enemy will come back to attack your mind with all kinds of thoughts, and it could rock you; it could move you.  You know, it could down right scare you.  The enemy will use fear.

He used fear with us, you know, when we went into the battle in the courtroom.  It was the night before we went into the courtroom for the final thing.  I went to sleep praying in the Spirit, and the Lord woke me up with Psalm 46.  I went downstairs and I read it; and the verse that really jumped out at me was where it says,

The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.”

So, I said, “Lord, this is good!  Praise God!”  However, I felt that I needed something more specific, and as I waited upon the Lord, I saw that there was a cross-reference to Numbers 14:9.  So I went to Numbers 14:9 and this is what the Lord gave us:

Only rebel not ye against the Lord, neither fear ye the people of the land; for they are bread for us; Their defense is departed from them, and the LORD is with us; fear them not.”

So then, we went into court with this family.  We took the girl’s father aside, and we said to him, “This is what the Lord did: He woke us up at three in the morning and He gave us this word on your behalf….”

Now, when we did go back into court, the thing that came out was that their defense had left them.  There were four lawyers involved.  They had psychologists, and validators; they had law guardians, and I could not tell you it all that they had.  They had social workers, physicians… and it went on down the line.  Yet, the Lord had said to us, “Their defense is departed from them….”

So, the next morning, when the prosecuting lawyer for the county went before the judge, he said that he could not sleep all night long.  He went through all the papers, and he said, “Your honor, we do not have a case.”  Their defense had left them!

Now, I share this with you because I really believe that there is a pattern in this, and I believe it is a pattern for victorious warfare.  I wish I had known before some of the things I know now.  I wish I had known it when we went into the battle, because I am going to tell you, when the enemy uses fear and when you do not know where to hit him, you do not know how to pray.  You have not gone before God, and so there is weakness in you.  You see, you have your feelings; and the soulishness has to be submitted to God—because you get all these responses out of your soul and unless you are in the Spirit you are NOT going to win!  You are not going to win!  God will show you where your weakness is, where your vulnerability is.  That is what we have to submit to God; that is what He is dealing with in this hour.

He wants the Church to come into the place of authority, of victory, of knowing who you are in God and what belongs to you in Christ Jesus.  (Not separately.  Not outside of Him.)

You know, when we are in Christ, we lose our identity.  The Church is in Christ and Christ is in the Church, and in this hour He wants the Church to come forth in victory, and to STAND there.  He wants us to allow the Holy Spirit to purge us; to cleanse us; to deliver us.  He does not want anything in us that is not of Him, and He does not show us these things to condemn us.  He shows them to you that you might say, “Father, I see it.  I do not want it!  I cannot remove it, but I am asking You to remove it.  Change it in me!”

We are living in an hour of change, and He has to change us.  This is why we cannot look at our brother or sister to see the weakness there.  It is not right, and we have to keep our eyes on Jesus, because this is what He is bringing to the surface in this hour.  It is not for us to judge, but it is for us to judge ourselves, in Christ.  That He might cleanse us and purge us; because when that hour comes He wants us to be able to stand.  There is only one place for us where we can stand, and God has gone to prepare that place in Him.  That where He is, we might be with Him, and we might be in victory.

So, I want to encourage you.  Meditate on these things concerning the warfare that we are in.  Do not stay in that place in the warfare where you are on the defensive.  Do your warfare on the offensive.  Know that there is more to it than just to see the enemy flee.  That is only halfway, and the Lord would have you to press in and not allow the enemy to cheat you.  Do not let him rob you.  Do not let him steal from you.  Take it back!  Take the ground back.  Take it all back, but then plunder him.  That is what He would do with you.

So then, let us move on in a new strength in the Lord.  I want to encourage you, that if you do not like this kind of warfare, then trust me—you are going to like it.  Do you know why?  It is because He has given you weapons that are POWERFUL to the pulling down of STRONGHOLDS.  You see, the imaginations that come from your own mind and those that the enemy will bring to you—they have to be torn down.  They have to be torn down, because the enemy is defeated, and God has given to us the victory in this hour, and the victory is given to take this message to the Church.  Hallelujah.